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Wilks v. American Medical Association 


A landmark lawsuit initiated by Chester Wilk and other chiropractors against the American Medical Association–AMA for unfair business practices. In 1981, a jury sided with AMA, but an appeals court overturned the decision on procedural grounds. The decision on retrial, which was settled in 1987, was based on the principles of the Sherman Antitrust Act—the court decided that the AMA had engaged in an illegal boycott against chiropractors, and had tried to eliminate their profession.

The court’s decision was viewed by chiropractors, and many consumers and providers of alternative therapies, as an endorsement of chiropractic as a valid profession…which it certainly was not. Such an endorsement was not and could not be made in the context of civil law.

Court files 735 F.2d 217 (7th Cir. 1983); 895 F.2d 352 (7th Cir. 1990)
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