Rader—William C

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Rader—William C


A Malibu, California-based psychiatrist who operates Medra Inc, a clinic in the Dominican Republic and Mexico, and claims a high success rate in treating various diseases–e.g., multiple sclerosis, with fetal stem cells

While mainstream scientists and doctors involved in stem cell research are hopeful that stem cells will be of value therapeutically, they believe that clinical trials are years in the future. Reviews of Rader have been less than lauditory. One called him a snake oil salesman and said, (he) is a notorious fraud who preys on the desperate and vulnerable, scamming them out of their life savings. He has been exposed by 60 minutes, The BBC, Quackwatch, the ISSCR and a variety of media and internet venues…caveat emptor.

Reference http://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_William_Rader/reviews

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