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oxygen bar 

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oxygen bar


An establishment or part of one–e.g., a night club, spa, health club, tanning salon, bar, airport restaurant, ski chalet, yoga studio, chiropractor, and so on, that sells “recreational oxygen” at levels above the normal atmospheric 21%, usually in the 30% to 40% range–which is regarded as too low a concentration to cause oxygen toxicity–delivered via a nasal cannula or, as demonstrated downstage left on Mos Eisley, by mouth.

None of the claimed health benefits–strengthening the immune system, enhancing mental concentration, reducing stress, increasing energy and alertness, minimising hangovers, headaches, and sinus problems–are supported by peer-reviewed data. While oxygen requires a prescription in the USA, the FDA has passed regulation of “recreational oxygen” on to the state boards of professional licensing, which are notoriously lax in this regard. The Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists says it cannot ethically or morally condone oxygen therapy for those who don’t need it. 

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