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urine therapy 


The consumption of one’s own urine as a therapeutic “agent”, orally, parenterally, per rectum or topically. There are no peer-reviewed studies to suggest that urine has a therapeutic role. 

Urine therapy was enthusiastically swallowed* in the early 20th century by the Brit, JW Armstrong, who believed its consumption was effective for asthma, bladder problems, burns, cancer, diabetes, fever, gangrene, heart disease, malaria, renal failure, tuberculosis, wounds, and other conditions. Because Armstrong viewed urine as a panacea, a specific medical diagnosis was unnecessary. 

*Maybe that’s not the right word. Urine has been more recently extolled in alternative health circles as a therapy for AIDS, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, herpes, leprosy, etc, etc. 

Synonyms Amaroli, auto-urine therapy, shivambu kalpa, urea therapy, uropathy

Reference Pelton, Overholser; 1994

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