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speed reading 


The alleged ability to read* up to 25,000 words/minute.

*Comprehend and retain. At this velocity, one could polish off War and Peace in under 15 minutes, fill the rest of the hour with Harrison’s Internal Medicine, and round off the day with the OED, in time for afternoon tee-off. Anne Cunningham, a U Cal Berkeley professor and expert on reading, reports that tests measuring saccades (small rapid jerky movement of the eye as it jumps from fixation on one point to another) while reading have determined that the maximum number of words a person can accurately read is about 300 a minute. “People who claim to read 10,000 words a minute are skimming,” she said. Speed in reading is mainly determined by how fast a reader can understand the words and expressions; fast readers have excellent “recognition vocabularies” and can understand words faster than slower readers. To improve one’s speed at reading, she says, one should work on comprehension and study strategies

Reference www.skepdic.com/speedreading.html

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