satanic ritual abuse

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satanic ritual abuse

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satanic rituals


Definition An alleged unconscious mental trauma–moral panic–which is allegedly uncovered by Recovered Memory Therapy, a quack pseudotherapy. 

The SRA panic followed a 1980 “autobiography” titled Michelle Remembers, which was largely fabricated by a Michelle Smith and her husband, psychiatrist Lawrence Pazder. At the height of the mass hysteria, allegations flew left and right about physical and sexual abuse during occult or Satanic rituals, creating a cottage industry that asserted there was a global conspiracy of the rich and powerful who abducted and/or bred children for sacrifices, pornography and prostitution. Recovered Memory Therapyholds that there are multigenerational satanists who have committed countless atrocities–e.g., murder, blood rituals, human sacrifices and vile sexual acts with children, but did not remember it because the trauma was so intense. None of the 12,000 claimed cases of satanic ritual abuse have been verified. 

References Focus on the Family Physician 5,6/01, p4 

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