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medical astrology 

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medical astrology


A system based on the pseudoscience of cosmobiology, which holds that specific mental and physical conditions are in part due to the positions of celestial bodies.

Medical astrology assumes that a person’s personality is “assigned” at birth, based on the position of the stars and planets, and that the 12 signs of the zodiac rule different parts of the anatomy. Per medical astrologists, positions of celestial bodies in relationship to each other can trigger disease in susceptible individuals.

Medical astrology is peripheral to all forms of health care, as reflected by the following “In one study, approximately 150 people who responded to an advertisement from ‘Astral Electronics’ were given a free ‘ultra-personal horoscope’ interpretation. More than 90% were happy with the interpretation and said they recognised themselves, The horosocope (for each person) was that of serial killer Dr Marcel Petiot.”  

Synonyms Astral healing, astrologic medicine, astrological healing, astromedicine, iatromathematics 


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