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Livingston therapy 


An unproven method for cancer management which was based on the belief that cancer is caused by a microbe identified by one Dr Virginia Wuerthe-Caspe Livingston (and only by her), which she called Progenitor cryptocides, and that cancer would respond to “vaccines” developed by her group. 

Developed in 1971 by an American physician, Dr Livingston, who believed that cancer develops in a background of a compromised immunity and is facilitated by consumption of non-living foods, which lack critical enzymes, and poultry which she believed to be contaminated by P cryptocides. Central to Livingston therapy is the production of so-called vaccines against P cryptocides using blood and urine from the individual patient. The full therapy consists of a diet of raw vegetables, and fresh fruits, vitamin and mineral supplements, and a plant hormone abscisic acid. The clinic offering the therapy is no longer in operation

Synonyms Livingston treatment, Livingston vaccine therapy, Livingston-Wheeler therapy  



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