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Definition A system of pseudodiagnosis which is based on the belief that each body region and/or organ is represented by one of six regions of the iris. Iridologists claim to diagnose imbalances in the body by studying the shape, colour(s), and qualities of the iris. Interpretation of the changes seen differs according to the iridologist–while all agree that colour changes are significant, for some, whitish discolouration is believed to indicate overstimulation, while for others, these same spots indicate an accumulation of toxins–e.g., uric acid or cholesterol; all agree that clarity of the iris indicates healthiness; once identified, the defects can (per iridology’s quack theories) be treated, using vitamins, herbs, minerals, and other substances; anecdotal reports imply diseases can be identified by changes in the iris including anaemia, cardiac conditions, trauma, liver disease, adrenal dysfunction, and renal stress.

Note: Formal studies by the American Medical Association and the American Optometric Association have shown iridology to be ineffective as a diagnostic tool. In a  well-controlled 1979 study assessing the diagnostic accuracy of iridology, three iridologists examined photographs (without knowing the diagnosis) from the irises of 24 patients with severe and 24 with moderate renal disease, as well as 95 individuals with no known disease; the iridologists were unable to diagnose the presence or absence of renal disease with any accuracy—most of those in the general population who have moderate to severe kidney disease could be told by an iridologist that they have normal kidneys  

Synonyms Iridiagnosis, irido-diagnosis, iris copy, iris diagnosis, iris interpretation 

Iris zones/rings, per B Jensen

Inner       Stomach

Second   Small and large intestine

Third       Circulation of blood and lymph

Fourth     Internal organs and endocrine system

Fifth         Musculoskeletal system

Outer       Skin and organs of elimination.  

References Journal of the American Medical Association 242:1385-1389, 1979

International Iridology Practitioners Association 

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