insulin potentiation therapy

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insulin potentiation therapy


The use of insulin to markedly reduce a cancer patient’s serum glucose levels–e.g., to 40 mg/dl while co-administering chemotherapy.

According to the theory, intracellular hypoglycaemia potentiates chemotherapy’s effect. By “starving” cancer cells of glucose, IPT supposedly increases tumour kill rates, at the same time allowing a marked reduction in (toxic) chemotherapy to as little as 10-15% of that needed in absence of insulin. IPT is not a recognised manoeuvre used by mainstream oncologists as it reduces concentrations of chemotherapy to levels at which they are ineffective. 

Synonyms Microdose chemotherapy, IPT, potentiated microdose chemotherapy  

References Statement, American Cancer Society, re Questionable Methods for Cancer Management, 13/06/90

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