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God helmet

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God helmet


Definition A device created by one Stanley Koren from a modified snow-mobile helmet which contains solenoids over the temporal lobes, and said to put its wearers in contact with God.

The God helmet was “test driven” by a Michael Persinger and his grad students. Per Persinger, 80+% of participants using the Koren Helmet felt “a presence” beside them in the room, ranging from a simple “sensed presence” to God himself. Is Persinger a fruitcake or is he on to something? P Granqvist, psychologist at Uppsala University, Sweden, tried to reproduce Persinger’s work.

I’m going with fruitcake, based on the title of Granqvist’s paper “Sensed presence and mystical experiences are predicted by suggestibility, not by the application of transcranial weak complex magnetic fields

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