An obsolete nonspecific term for any agent or substance said to have anticancer or antitumoral activity 


Definition Any of a number of peptides and other substances isolated from urine which allegedly have antineoplastic activity and inhibit the growth of osteosarcoma, myeloblastic leukaemia, lymphoma, breast cancer, astrocytomas, and other cancers. 

Data on the claimed efficacy of antineoplaston was distributed by a Stanislaw R Burzynski, MD, PhD. Note: The FDA received no IND (investigational new drug) applications from Dr Burzynski, nor data on its safety or efficacy in treating cancer; interstate shipment of these products is illegal. The American Cancer Society considers antineoplaston therapy to be unproven, and recommends that patients do not participate in its routine use; the National Cancer Institute (US) has concluded that these agents have no effect in treating malignancy.



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