folk cure for cancer

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folk cure for cancer

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folk cure for cancer—graviola (Annona muricata)


Definition Any herb, food or other natural product which is claimed to be effective for treating cancer.

Folk cures for cancer Absinthe, arnica, atriplex, beets, black walnuts, borage, calendula, celery, chicory, chive, chufa, colocynth, crimson clover, crown vetch, cucumbers, cumin, flax, garlic, graviola (image), hot peppers, licorice, onions, peanuts, poke salad, safflower, salvia, stinging nettle, tamarind, tansy, tea, tomatoes; herbs that might have anti-carcinogenic effects include chaparral, prickly ash, stillingia.

Note: There is no peer-reviewed literature to support the use of herbal and natural substances in stopping the onslaught of a malignancy once diagnosed.

Whilst miracle cures–known as spontaneous regression of cancer–have been documented in the medical literature, they are the exception. When compared to conventional therapy, patients with cancer–e.g., Steve McQueen (who took laetrile, a cyanide-rich apricot pit-derived product for mesothelioma), Steve Jobs (who embraced holistic foods to address his neuroendocrine tumour of the pancreas), etc, who chose the alternative therapy route generally die sooner and more painfully.

Synonym Natural cure for cancer


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