chiropractic stroke

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chiropractic stroke 


A major decrease in blood flow to the brain via the vertebral arteries caused by neck manipulation, a procedure commonly performed by chiropractors as part of a so-called spinal adjustment.

The force involved in the “adjustment” may cause vertebral artery dissection, with tearing between the inner and outer vascular walls and blockage of blood flow, resulting in a transient ischaemic attack or frank cerebrovascular accident, causing death in the extreme case and permanent neurologic sequelae–e.g., slurred speech, language defects, and vertigo, in many others.

While the chiropractic community claims the incidence of neck manipulation-related ischaemic stroke is no higher than 1 stroke/million neck manipulations, it is grossly underreported, possibly by 100% or more, simply because chiropractors have no interest in reporting adverse outcomes. 


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