chiropractic malpractice

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chiropractic malpractice 

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chiropractic negligence


A self-explanatory term for one or more acts of negligence by a chiropractor that result in injury.

Chiropractic malpractice occurs with unknown frequency, often because patients don’t report the injury, especially when they use chiropractors as their primary care provider(“physician”). It is due to either

(1) Failure to diagnose conditions that require timely medical attention, and

(2) Damage due to manipulation of body parts that have been weakened by disease or prior trauma.*

*Per Peter Modde, a doctor of chiropractor who left the field because he felt that chiropractic theory was a delusional system and that chiropractors were not adequately trained in diagnosis. Many mainstream doctors believe that chiropractors don’t recognise serious problems requiring conventional medical attention

Peter J Modde: Chiropractic Malpractice. Columbia, Md, Hanlow Press, 1985 

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