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The Berlin Patient

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Timothy Ray Brown


A popular term for Timothy Ray Brown, a man who was infected with HIV-1 in 1995 while attending school in Berlin.

He responded well to anti-retroviral therapy until 2006, when he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia. Despite an initial response to chemotherapy, he developed pneumonia and sepsis for which a stem cell transplant was given using, instead of a matched donor, stem cells from a donor with the CCR5 mutation, which makes cells immune to HIV.

As of September 2014, Brown was said to be HIV-negative, making him the first person to have been cured of HIV…everAs of late 2016, there is no further information on Brown’s health status (author’s note). As hopeful as the case was, the Berlin patient suffered from graft versus host disease and leukoencephalopathy, making treating others with the Berlin patient protocol ethically untenable. 


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