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Anthony Davis


Definition The extension of thick eyebrow hair to the midline of the forehead, such that the left and right eyebrows converge

Whilst unibrowness is considered an attractive feature in women in Kazakhstan, Iran, Sri Lanka and in other Eastern countries and may be seen in the average Joe–here proudly sported by Anthony (the “Eyebrow”) Davis–University of Kentucky NCAA phenom and top 2012 NBA draft choice, it is an unusual feature, and classically described in the Cornelia de Lange syndrome. 

Syndromes with unibrows 

• 3p deletion syndrome

• ATRX syndrome

• Basal cell nevus syndrome

• Cornelia de Lange syndrome

• Frontometaphyseal dysplasia

• Kleefstra syndrome–chromosome 9q34 microdeletion syndrome

• Patau syndrome

• Sanfilippo syndrome

• Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome

• Waardenburg syndrome

• Wolf–Hirschhorn syndrome 

Synonyms Confluent eyebrow, forehead moustache, monobrow, synophrys 

References http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unibrow


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