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horizontal gluteal crease

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horizontal gluteal crease


Definition The boundary where the convexity of the gluteal muscles meets the upper end of the posterior thigh (from 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock, in accompanying image), formed by a meshwork of fibrous connective tissue strands known as Luschka’s ligament which loosely connects the skin to the gluteal muscles in the buttocks.

Not everyone has a horizontal crease, but it can’t be created surgically; any attempt to produce a horizontal crease below the buttocks by liposuction is unwise and often results in a crease that appears unnaturally scooped-out, and furrowed; it is most apparent when bending over, and stretching the affected area; excessive fat removal evokes discomfort when sitting on a hard surface; too much liposuction in the area of the horizontal crease cannot be repaired; the cosmetic risks outweigh the possible benefits. 

Note: Whilst there are more hits for horizontal crease than horizontal gluteal crease, an unknown number of the former refer to ironing and other non-anatomic and/or site-specific types of folds and folding. 

Synonyms Gluteal crease, gluteal fold, horizontal crease, horizontal gluteal fold

Reference www.liposuction.com/procedure/buttocks.php

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