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Medical Database pipeline 

To be released January 2018

(1) Dictionary of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

I wrote the first edition of this project 20 years ago and published it with Simon & Schuster, then updated 7 years ago and put it out as an eBook (Kindle, iBook, Nook) product. This is the 3rd edition and written entirely from the evidence-based perspective. Most of alternative management strategies quite frankly don’t work; many are premised on pseudoscience, pseudotherapy and lunacy. Because the target audience is mainstream medical practitioners, I feel it best to call the proverbial spade a spade. The reader will note that many of the definitions are labelled “Quackery”, which indicates my belief that the modality being defined is a shameless departure from medical reality. The adjective “Fringe” is used when the modality might have a whisper of  validity…I tried to be generous in this regard. I’ve removed the word “medicine” from many of the entries and replaced it with “health”, as medicine implies legitimacy which is largely lacking

(2) Dictionary of British Medicine

I wrote this project 7 years ago and published it as an eBook (Kindle, iBook, Nook). It contains definitions related to the bureaucracy of medical practice in the UK, in particular, as relates to the NHS, training, bed availability, waiting lists and as many scandals, bad actors and faux pas as necessary without overdoing it.

(3) Dictionary of Sexology

This is self-explanatory. The goal with this work was to produce something that wasn’t silly or salacious, using language that one uses on patient encounters…while keeping straight face.

(4) Glossary of Suicidology

This too is self-explanatory. It contains the vocabulary of the what’s, where’s, why’s, how’s, the preceding events and the post-event mopping-up

(5) Genes Dictionary v 1

This contains what I consider pertinent information on nearly 8,000 genes, including what the gene does, what diseases occur when the gene misbehaves, the synonyms/aliases and hot links to other databases. Because there are some 23,000 genes in the human genome, revisions and additions make this an evolving and ongoing project.  If I’ve missed one of your favourite genes, shoot me an email

To be released May 2018

(1) Dictionary of Sleep Disorders

(2) Dictionary of Evidence-Based Medicine

(3) Dictionary of Forensic Medicine

(4) Glossary of  Monoclonal Antibodies and their Targets 

(5) Genes Dictionary v 2 — 10,000 genes

To be released December 2018 (we shall see)

(1) Genetic Disorders of Cardiovascular System

(2) Genetic Disorders of Eyes

(3) Genetic Disorders of Bone, Joints, Muscle

(4) Dictionary of Syndromes and Diseases

(5) Genes Dictionary v 3 — 12,000 genes


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