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sexual compatibility test

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sexual compatibility…or not


Definition A self-explanatory term for any test that asks whether sexual Party A can sexually party with sexual Party B.

Not surprisingly, few of the hits on the first 10 pages of a Google search that yielded 117,000 hits on 30/09/2014 were legitimate tests from peer-reviewed professional sources. The test devised by A Foster in 1977 ( 1977-26672-001) may be of use to serious audiences. It can be purchased from the American Psychological Association and is a 101-item pencil-and-paper test that assesses the sexual interaction of married couples. Normative data were obtained, and internal consistency analyses, concurrent validity studies, and Pearson product-moment correlations established that the properties of the several scales and of the test as a whole are statistically sound.

Reference The Sexual Compatibility Test Foster, Arthur L. J of Consulting and Clin Psychology, Vol 45(2), Apr 1977, 332-333. doi: 10.1037/0022-006X.45.2.332

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