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pony club 

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pony club


Just when you thought people couldn’t get any weirder…

Pony clubs are dedicated to a form of BDSM in which a person role plays fantasies (?) that he or she is a beast of burden–a so-called ponygirl, ponyboy or other lower animal–e.g., puppy, piggy, cat, zebra, by donning a leather harness, bridle and bit, and other WTF kit…I am not making this up!…and hauls around a so-called owner or trainer in a rickshaw-esque cart. 

Per the UK pony club website*, “…there is no club in Europe that does what we do and is open, as we are, to every age (over 18), to every gender (male, female, TS, and those who’d prefer to pass as another gender), to every orientation (heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, Dominant, submissive, switch, voyeur), every species (pony, dog, cat, pig, zebra, etc. …), whether partnered (in a complementary or same-sex relationship, live-in or otherwise, 24 hour/7 day or occasional, partner interested or otherwise), or coming out to play alone. There may not be another such club in the world.

*The UK pony club website (www.tawse.com/html/ponyback.html) was down as of 09.04.2015. Not to worry, one in California (why am we not surprised?) offering the same style of fun is now up and running (http://www.laponiesandcritters.com/)

Synonym The Other Pony Club

Reference http://www.laponiesandcritters.com/

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