paraphilic infantilism

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paraphilic infantilism

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paraphilic infantilism


A sexual fetish in which the participant role-plays regression to an infant-like state by drinking from a baby bottle, sleeping in a(n oversized) crib, hanging out in a playpen and wearing diapers.

The activities have overtones that range from gentle and nurturing experiences–those who engage in banal infantilistic play are known as adult babies–to those with dark, sadomasochistic content. Not all adult babies are diaper fetishists, whose sexuoeroticism hinges on wearing diapers–loaded with pee and poo. Those who do, are termed adult baby/diaper lovers–AB/DL

Aetiology Unknown

Pathogenesis Linked to masochism, other paraphilias, altered lovemaps, imprinting gone cuckoo and errors in erotic targets; nobody knows. 

Management Brain transplant

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Synonyms Adult baby syndrome, autonepiophilia, infantilism (in part)  


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