erotic asphyxiation

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erotic asphyxiation

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erotic asphyxiation


A paraphilic activity in which the carotid arteries are compressed, resulting in transient ischaemia and a sensation of lightheadedness and often a tingling sensation in the extremities which, for some, translates into an erotic effect. In erotic asphyxiation, sexuoeroticism hinges on self-strangulation and partial asphyxiation up to, but not including loss of consciousness by hanging, strangulation, use of plastic bags or gags. Split-second failure to release the noose or gag at the onset of orgasm may cause death.

Mechanics 2.5 kg of external pressure suffices to compress the jugular vein, 5 kg to compress the carotid artery, and 15 kg to compress the trachea.

Synonyms Asphyxiophilia, autoerotic asphyxiation, breath control play, erotic self-strangulation, scarfing, sexual asphyxia, sexual hanging, terminal sex,  


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