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Definition noun A phenotype expressed by a particular gene in a cell, regardless of whether the allelic set contains 2 different forms of expression*.

*The allele with the masked phenotype is termed recessive

Autosomal dominant disorders Achondroplasia, familial hypercholesterolaemia, Huntington’s disease

The term was introduced by Mendel in 1866 and referred to a character which is manifest in all the members of the first filial generation (F1) from a cross between 2 pure-breeding, homozygous strains differing in respect of this character, and which is evident in 3/4 of the individuals of the second filial (F2) generation 

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adjective  Referring to the person who takes the active or controlling role in a BDSM relationship, which contrasts to the submissive (bottom) position or role.

noun The person who takes the active or controlling role in a BDSM relationship

Synonym Top


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