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Tiger Woods syndrome

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Tiger Woods


A term coined after the revelation of Tiger Woods multiple1 extramarital relationships. Drs Brun and Richards, authors of the book, Tiger Woods Syndrome, define it as a condition characterised by artificial intimacy, based on charm and physical attraction. Once interest in a particular partner’s superficial features fades, the man–usually a high profile celebrity2 seeks (prowls) new partners, to ‘chase the high’

1Simultaneously mind you, what a man 2E.g., Clinton (I…did…not…have…sex…with…that …woman), Michael Jordan, Bruce Springsteen, etc. A brief perusal of Tiger’s most recent list of ‘conquests’ indicates he boinked pretty much anything with a skirt, including waitresses, hookers, porn stars and sundry white trash who were if anything, the exact opposite of Elin Nordegren who seems to be a real class act. Why eat Kobe prime from the home grill when you can get White Castle any place or time you want it? Good golfer.  Shite person

Reference tigerwoodssyndrome.hcibooks.com


A facetious coinage for skull fractures caused by young novice golfers with poor aim and/or wild swings, who first began playing after Tiger Wood’s win in the 1997 Masters Tournament

Reference USN&WR, 11/5/98, p14  

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