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Pierre Salinger syndrome 

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Pierre Salinger syndrome


A popular term referring to the ingenuous–and all too common–belief that all information published on the internet is correct.

The term honours veteran American newsman Pierre Salinger who got snookered by such a feed: Today, Sallinger said he has a government document saying that Navy gunners accidentally shot down TWA Flight 800 (image) while conducting missile tests, killing all 230 people aboard… Salinger said the document was dated Aug. 22 and was posted on the Internet at the beginning of September—Jocelyn Noveck, “Paper On ‘Test’ Offered To FBI“, Associated Press, 8 November 1996.

Obviously this is not a syndrome in the medical sense

Synonym It’s on the Internet—it must be true syndrome

Reference www.wordspy.com/words/pierresalingersyndrome.asp

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