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Piano Man 

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Piano Man


A Bavarian man (1984- ) who pitched up in Kent (UK) in April 2005, and refused to speak for months, creating a mystery as to his name and origin. His first port of call was the Medway Maritime Hospital, where the staff handed him a pen and paper. He drew a picture of a grand piano…remember, it was UK, so they wheeled in a piano.*

.*Thank God he didn’t draw a picture of a Learjet

He proceeded to play pretty much every genre of music for the next 4 hours…from whence his nickname. He maintained radio silence since for the next four months, spawning a global hunt for his origin; eventually he confessed that it had been an elaborate hoax or, per his lawyers, a psychotic episode

Formally known as Andreas Grassl 

Reference http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andreas_Grassl

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