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Miss Whiplash


A high-profile low-life* whose 15 hours of fame was based on services rendered from the mid 1970s until 1992 in Earl’s Court, London as a dominatrix and prostitute

Lindi claimed that 252 MP*s had jockeyed their two-bangers into her car park…not all at once, mind you.

*Members of Parliament

Inland Revenue (UK’s tax office) eventually sent her a bill for £112,800 for back taxes, asserting that hers was a trade from which HM* wanted a cut of

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the action. She declared bankruptcy.

*Her Majesty

Between ‘92 and 2009, Lindi ran for Parliament 11 times (unsuccessfully), operated a duck farm and drove her car into a ditch (both successfully). In the 24 hours it took to free La Lindi from her tits-up car, she found Jesus (and now scribbles Marian on her nametag)…Hollywood ending. 

Synonyms Carla Davis, Lily Lavender, Lindi St Clair 

Reference en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lindi_St_Clair

*Former low-life (personal communication, from the woman herself, 15 August, 2012). 


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