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Michael Jackson syndrome 

Michael Jackson before image from New Medical Terms

Michael Jackson before

Various aspects of the late King of Pop’s life have been called syndromes. Of the dozen-plus “conditions” called Michael Jackson syndrome on a “light” google search, seven stand out as relatively distinct entities. For the reductionists or “lumpers”, these relate to either Jackson’s low self-esteem–which drove him to undergo multiple rhinoplasties and skin bleachings, or his–to some, seemingly naive, or bizarre, depending on one’s perspective–Weltanschauung which caused him to overspend, trust the wrong people, and believe his coterie’s script rather than the lurid murals painted outside of the walls of his gingerbread mansion

Not all the reference links are still live, but that’s beyond my control. 


(1) A condition in which a person undergoes multiple cosmetic procedures to correct the physical when the person’s real problem is psychological

Reference www.beatrice.com/interviews/wilson/ 

(2) A term for the nose that no African American wanting rhinoplasty wants, as in “… anything but Michael Jackson’s nose i.e., an antinose

Reference www.suntimes.co.za/1999/06/06/arts/gauteng/aneg06.htm 


Vitiligo–See standard dermatology reference works

Reference www.sharon-herald.com/localnews/recentnews/0206/ln060202b.html  
Michael Jackson syndrome (after) image from New Medical Terms

Michael Jackson syndrome (after)


(1) The bleaching of skin that is phenotypically dark due to race or ethnicity, in an attempt to address internalised issues of personal colour acceptance

Synonym Racial incongruity 

Reference aacaw.org/wardconnerly.doc  

(2) A condition characterised by a juvenile affect and sexual dysfunction, poor heterosexual relationships and an attraction to same sex children

Reference www.ridiculopathy.com/news_detail.php? id=753  

(3) A condition affecting people so fabulously wealthy and/or powerful that they are insulated from the real world, and surrounded by sycophants and toadies who voice no valid contrary opinions–e.g., when the boss makes bizarre, self-destructive, and ill-advised decisions–e.g., sleep-overs with young boys

Reference users.jagunet.com/~disrael/weekly030305a.htm   

(4) A condition characterised by overspending, opulent consumerism, debt-bingeing, and a sense that the good times and life itself will never end

Reference www.freebuck.com/articles/cdroke/030525cdroke.htm

It is possible that this could be subsumed under Madame Bovary syndrome, which would reduce the number of Michael Jackson syndromes at the risk of legitimising one of the alternative Mme Bovary syndrome, a coinage by The Independent, hardly a valid fount of medical neologisms

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