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maverick theorist 

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maverick theorist


A freelance theorist who is convinced that his solution to a particularly difficult problem in physics, medicine or other branch of science, is correct and warrants recognition, a wider audience and probably (according to them) a Nobel Prize.

Cranks are to science what quacks are to medicine. Maverick theorists often have a screw loose and come in all shapes and sizes; many are paranoid schizophrenics or have other serious mental disorders. 

Examples of maverick theorists 

• Free-lance astronomer who connected the dots of certain pulsars in the night sky and found that they pointed to a vast alien communications network

• Self-made engineer who, through brilliant use of high-school algebra, stumbled on the unified theory of the universe, which had previously vexed Einstein and Hawking (amateurs!)

• Dartmouth dishwasher, aptly named Archimedes Plutonium, who has described the universe as a big (really big) plutonium atom

Synonyms Crank, crank scientist, science crank 

Reference Discover April 2002, p67  

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