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Koo Koo the bird girl

Koo Koo the Bird Girl 


An American side show performer* (1880-1960?) from Rabun County, Georgia, with Seckel syndrome. She was very short, had a small head, a narrow bird-like face, a beak-like nose, large eyes with an antimongoloid slant, a receding jaw, large ears, mental retardation and was bald, toothless, and severely myopic.

*In the vernacular, a circus freak, who was billed as a human bird to the rubes in the crowd. It seems reasonable to presume she had Seckel syndrome 1—OMIM:210600, caused by a defect of ATR, which encodes an essential regulator of genomic integrity, controls and coordinates DNA-replication origin firing, replication-fork stability, cell cycle checkpoints, and DNA repair. 

Christian name Minnie Woolsey

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