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Ice Cream Killer 


The popular name for the woman who hacked 2 husbands to death and buried their remains in the basement of her ice cream shop.

Introduction The words American, chainsaw, and ex-husband appear often enough in the news in the US that they rarely evoke more than a bored Meh! from most of us. The lovely and clearly talented Mexican-Spanish Goidsargi Estibaliz Carranza Zabala–a mouthful even by Hispanolatino standards, proved that she could hold her own with a chainsaw, as a non-American…female…in Vienna. In 2008,

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Ice Cream Killer chainsaw

Ms Carranza Zabala shot Holger Holz, her ex-, 3 times in the head, when he refused to move out after their divorce. She fired up the old Craftsman 18-incher*, sawed him up, and embedded Holz-lets in cement in the basement of her (formerly their) ice cream parlour. In 2010, she accused her new partner, Manfred Hinterberger of cheating on her. He rolled over and went to sleep…permanently, which she facilitated by using the same gun. We all tend to repeat acts that have successfully solved pesky little problems in the past; La Carranza was no different. She converted Manfred into Hinterburgers and disposed of the body parts in same place using the same chainsaw.

Maintenance workers found the bones, bits and bobs in July 2011, at which time she fled to Italy. When she was arrested, she was pregnant with the child of a third man. The two married in prison. The Austrian court deemed that she had serious mental and psychological abnormalities, but was fit to stand trial. She’ll be behind bars for life.**

*I don’t know which brand it was.

**…which in Europe, usually means 10 years…less if she behaves…and doesn’t get near another chainsaw. You can’t make this up, can you?

Synonyms Ice cold killer, ice cream parlour killer, ice killer


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