Cat Man

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Cat Man 

Cat Man image from New Medical Terms

Cat Man posing


A San Diego, California* man pursuing a vision that told him at age 23 to follow the ways of the tiger, and is well on his way to becoming one. 

*I tell you, they’re always from California. When the little voice in our head tells us to follow the way of the “X”–beit tiger, dragon, bee, ox, most of us would have interpreted it figuratively. Not old Dennis; he has joined the legion of sectionable/certifiable fruitcakes. First he tattooed his eyes to give them a real “big cat” look and changed his name to “Catman” He also has a modified upper lip, tiger teeth caps, green contact lenses, and spent over $150,000, 2,000 hours and almost 25 years undergoing modifications to attain his dream of becoming a real tiger. Thank God he didn’t dream of becoming a pigeon-their crap is hard enough to get out of clothing. The rest of the job is done by his clipped ears, a dozen six-inch long fibreglass whiskers permanently implanted in his face, and his whole body tattooed in stripes. What…a…nutter. 

Synonym Dennis Abner

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