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Bryan Peter image from New Medical Terms

Bryan Peter


A UK killer cum cannibal who was convicted of beating a 20-year-old shopkeeper to death with a hammer in 1993.

He was released in 2001 and allowed to live as a care-in-the-community outpatient, but returned to an open psychiatric ward. He absconded from the ward to visit Brian Cherry, a friend who he beat to death, also with a hammer, and proceeded to fry bits of Cherry’s brain and muscle…

The bottom image shows the body parts in Cherry’s flat. 

With friends like that… Described by Aftab Jafferjee, prosecutor for the Crown as “uniquely dangerous,” Bryan was sentenced to life at Broadmoor Hospital, one of three high-security psychiatric hospitals  in the UK for dangerous nutters. There, he killed fellow inmate

Bryan Peter crime scene image from New Medical Terms

Bryan Peter crime scene

Richard Loudwell, and said he’d have eaten him too, had the guards not intervened. Psychiatrist Dr Martin Lock, who carried out a series of interviews with Bryan, pegged him as a paranoid schizophrenic and said Bryan was the most dangerous man he’d ever assessed. 


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