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Black Dog Strangler

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Black Dog Strangler


Definition A nickname for Phillip Westwater, a mentally deranged nutter in the UK, so anointed for strangling a fellow inmate, Derek Williams, at the Ashworth Hospital (for the dangerously mentally ill), after becoming convinced Williams had turned into a black dog.

He married, then divorced a fellow patient at Broadmoor Hospital (unofficially known as The Broadmoor Hospital for Dangerous Nutters) and was detained indefinitely under the Mental Health Act 1983 at Rampton Hospital (for the barking mad). He changed his name to Phil Whiteman—a rose by any other name?) and married a nurse in 2006…Hollywood ending…from Hell. Just so you sleep better, he escaped in 2013 from the (supposedly) secure hospital prison, St Nicholas Hospital, in Gosforth, Newcastle, but was captured shortly thereafter. He died in 2014 at age 46 of an insulin overdose.


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