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Angel of Death

At least 3 individuals (see below) have been given this unfortunate title; 2 others (one person and one plant) have been call Death Angel (see there).

If the reader knows of others that have been so designated in the medical or popular press, please forward that information to me at, with appropriate references, and they’ll be included in future updates.  


Definition Saldivar—Efren A respiratory therapist at Glendale Adventist (between Burbank and Los Angeles) in California, who pled guilty* in 2002 to offing 6 elderly patients and trying to off a 7th. Saldivar prided himself in his code of ethics, which required that the victims were unconscious, had a DNR (do not resuscitate) order, and looked like they were ready to die.

*The guilty plea helped Saldivar avoid the death penalty; the 32-year-old will serve 6 consecutive life sentences. Saldivar told police in 1998 that he may have contributed to the deaths of 100 to 200 deaths and actively killed up to 50 patients with drugs or by withholding medical treatment. He confessed to the murders, recanted his confession, then confessed a second time. What a loon.


Mengele—Josef, see there 

Note: Mengele is the best known Angel of Death, but giving him a double entry would give him a higher profile than should be afforded such monsters.


Allitt—Beverley, see there   

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