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two dudes syndrome


Definition A term referring to a script heard–most often in A&E/ER–from the typically inebriated and battered victim of an altercation, whose inebriation makes his colourful tales even more so.

In explaining the bruises, broken whatever and optional black eye(s), our drunken ward was “…minding my own business when two dudes came along and beat–unprovoked, we are to believe–the crap out of me. At least one author regards this as a dental disease, given that it may be accompanied by broken or avulsed teeth, lacerations of the lips and if there were more than 2 dudes, a fractured mandible.

Note: Dudes is an Americanism. The syndrome may be confined to America, as an equivalent UK version, two blokes syndrome, has not appeared on the internet. 


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