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Super Bowl abuse

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Superbowl XXX


Definition Physical abuse of wives/girlfriends allegedly committed by men watching the Super Bowl (American) football game–which closes the National Football League’s season in late January/early February.

Comment While the event is unique to America, the phenomenon–if it exists, which is in doubt,–probably occurs in other major sport events–e.g., final match of the World Cup for league football (soccer), US Open (golf), and the World Series (baseball). The Super Bowl is played in different cities each year, on a Sunday after the close of the regular season of (American) football. It  is religiously celebrated by fans–it has become a de facto national holiday with 111 million viewers in 2013–marked by Super Bowl parties in which the Big Game on the tube1 is the centrepiece, junk food2 the fare, beer the social lubricant, and tribal displays of male bonding the norm. Domestic violence in this setting may differ substantively from the usual forms of spousal abuse, in that Super Bowl Sunday abuse is driven by a one-off ritual Insight 17/6/96, p11, and may be evoked by different cues3

1The larger the diagonal length of the TV screen, the better 2Potato chips/crisps, nachos, pretzels 3E.g., spouse standing in front of TV during critical play, not unlike coming between a mother bear and her cub. Despite its name and notoriety, there are no real data to suggest that this is more than a statistical blip that got blown out of proportion by a slow media day in 1993, when it was first publicised. 

Synonyms Domestic violence on Super Bowl Sunday, Super Bowl Sunday abuse, Super Bowl syndrome (in part)


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