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muffin top

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muffin top


Muffin top (MT) is pejorative slang for a roll of flesh/fat that spills over the waistline, which has been fancifully likened to the top of a baked muffin, spilling over its paper casing. MTs differ from so-called “love handles,” which are bilateral rolls of flab found at the iliac crests in middle aged adults. Love handles are typically diet- and exercise-resistant, in contrast to MTs, which may occur in younger adults and reflect dietary indulgences


muffin top image from New Medical Terms

muffin top fat

The term was coined in Australia in 2003, and soon

“went viral” because it filled–per William Safire–a lexical void 

Aetiology of MTs

• Marked weight loss with diet-refractory residual blubber and redundant skin at midship or 

• Muffin topper has squeezed into trousers or kilts designed for leaner waistlines

• Overweight, obesity 

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