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King Kong peptide 

King Kong image from New Medical Terms

King Kong strutting his stuff in NYC


A 27 amino acid neurotoxin produced by the cloth-of-gold cone snail–Conus textile, so named because, when injected, it causes an otherwise subordinate lobster to assume an exaggerated dominant position with bizarre aggressive behaviour, a stance fancifully likened to that of King Kong, the venerated Hollywood behemoth.

When the peptide is injected into the cone snail’s prey–the victim suffers periodic convulsive undulations, instead of the safest tack of retreating.

Mechanism of action Unknown 

Its colourful early nickname notwithstanding, King Kong peptide is now known as TxIA; its amino acid sequence is WCKQSGEMCNLLDQNCCDGYCI-VLVCT

Reference EMBO J. 1990 Apr;9(4):1015-20 

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