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The animated sitcom The Simpsons has, in its two decades on the air, contributed many expressions and clichés to American English, but none more iconic than Homer’s expression of chagrin…often at his own stupidity.

Few doctors make it through an entire career without a few Doh! moments–I haven’t, and if you’re a medico reading this, I’ll bet you haven’t either; some are real lollapaloozas of patient management 

This is one of a handful of terms in my projects which are not medical…or are they? What did the brilliant transplant surgeon at Duke say when he realised, after the patient was wheeled into recovery post-heart-lung transplantation, that the organs were ABO incompatible and she was likely to die…and did. In this context, Doh! is probably the mildest thing he said. 

Synonym D’Oh! 


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