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crazy paving flagstone image from New Medical Terms

crazy paving appearance

crazy paving appearance 

A generic term for an appearance that may be seen on the skin, in imaging studies and cytologic and histopathological preparations which has been likened to cracked pavement and angulated paving stones


A descriptive term for the mottled pigmented and depigmented skin seen in children with the kwashiorkor-marasmus complex, which has been fancifully likened to the somewhat haphazard

crazy paving CT lungs image from New Medical Terms

crazy paving CT lungs

arrangement of flagstones


A term referring to a fine reticular (septal) pattern superimposed on areas of ground-glass opacity on high-resolution CT of the lungs.

Crazy paving was once regarded as characteristic of alveolar proteinosis, but was later identified in bronchiolitis obliterans-organising pneumonia/cryptogenic organising pneumonia (BOOP/COP), infection (PCP/PJP, viral, Mycoplasma, bacterial), neoplasm (bronchioloalveolar carcinoma), non-specific interstitial pneumonia–NSIP, pulmonary oedema (heart failure, ARDS, AIP), pulmonary haemorrhage, sarcoidosis

crazy paving thyroid cytology image from New Medical Terms

crazy paving thyroid cytology


A term of art referring to

(1) The complex, disorderly cell arrangement seen in hyalinising trabecular adenoma of the thyroid, which is characterised by prominent diffuse peripheral staining of tumour cells, with lesser staining of the rest of the cytoplasm.

(2) The appearance (image, left) of “thin colloid” with cracking artefact which is seen in aspiration cytology specimens from follicular thyroid neoplasia.

Synonym Crazy pavement appearance

Reference Am J Clin Pathol 2004;122:506-510   DOI: 10.1309/5KJU9LV8LLA6CL76


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