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Wall of Silence Don’t ask, don’t tell

wall of silence 


A popular phrase for the general unwillingness of physicians to report misconduct, incompetence, substance abuse, and other breaches of professionalism committed by colleagues.

Bringing unethical colleagues to public attention can cost a physician his or her job; because no one likes a “snitch”. Make sure you have a job, hospital, or even country to go to before you commit the “folly” of doing the right thing. I could

wall of silence image from New Medical Terms

Wall of Silence Hear no Evil

tell you stories 

Synonym Don’t ask—don’t tell 


A stance adopted by the US Armed Forces, where homosexuality is banned, that no punishment is required if commanding officers don’t know about it.  

In other words, if we didn’t see it, it doesn’t exist; we won’t ask the question, because we won’t like the answer. 

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