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waiting list 

A self-explanatory term for any list maintained by a gatekeeper of a service or product for which dependence on free market mechanisms to control access thereto would be inappropriate or unjustifiable. 


A list of people waiting for a type of care or treatment from the NHS, pending hospital resource availability. Separate lists are held by each specialty in hospital, for each consultant within the specialty, and split according to the type of service planned–e.g., inpatient, day case, day patient and outpatients.

Lists may also be held by allied health professions departments and community care services, but these are not recorded nationally. 


A roster of couples or single people who have been studied and selected as adoptive parents and awaiting a child who will need them as parents


A list of patients needing a kidney, heart, liver, or other tissue, with logistical information (ABO and HLA profile, location of potential recipient, age, medical history, and priority level on the list) about the patient

Reference www.datadictionaryadmin.scot.nhs.uk/isddd/1785.html 

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