(1) A highly nonspecific term for any macular lesion of any colour, location or behaviour

(2) A highly nonspecific term for acne vulgaris


A nonspecific term* for any small, discrete or well circumscribed change on a film, mammogram, CT, MRI or other imaging modality that is unexpected and requires investigation to exclude a treatable lesion, including an early malignancy.

*In the tradition of Humpty-Dumpty etymology–i.e., it means what the user chooses it to mean

spot image from New Medical Terms

spot (diagnosis)


A term of art used in UK histopathology circles, for an unknown (“black box”) case which has such a classic appearance by light microscopy, that they can be diagnosed instantly based on pattern recognition.

Shown is a classic case of molluscum contagiosum

Synonyms Immediate diagnosis, spot diagnosis


The Christian name of a domesticated homeothermic Canis familiaris and central protagonist in a series of narratives designed to incrementally raise the level of comprehension of literature in chronologically immature individuals. 


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