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greet ‘em, meet ‘em, treat ‘em, and street ‘em 


Greet ’em, meet ’em, treat ’em, and street ’em is an aphorism for efficient health care, which entails admission, a rapid problem-oriented workup, management and discharge.

Implied in this strategy is the provision of care only for current complaints that require treatment now, rather than addressing all health maintenance issues, and urging patient self-responsibility for follow-up, as arranged, and obtaining a primary health care provider. 

One supposes that the doggerel–and the doggerelee (sic) would, in the face of a cockup in A&E/ER ending in death have as a denouement, “…and delete ’em!” 

Synonym Treat them and street them

Reference The Skeptic’s Guide to Emergency Medicine  

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