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low value procedure

A term which follows the Humpty-Dumpty’s etymological construct* in that the definition differs according to the user.

*The definition of terms, words and phrases according to the user’s whims, named after Humpty-Dumpty who, in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass, famously said When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean


Definition A procedure or test performed during a hospital admission for surgery, for which there is little evidence that it provides significant value in terms of improved outcomes or reduced mortality. 

Examples, LVPs in general surgery

• Baseline laboratory studies in healthy patients without significant systemic disease when blood loss during surgery is expected to be minimal

• Baseline cardiac testing or cardiac stress test in asymptomatic stable patients with known cardiac disease undergoing low-risk or moderate-risk non-cardiac surgery

• Routine use of PAC (pulmonary artery catheter) for cardiac surgery in patients with a low risk of blood pressure complications, especially if other diagnostic tools like an echocardiogram are being used during the procedure

• Administration of blood in young healthy patients without ongoing blood loss and with a low-normal hemoglobin concentration, unless they show symptoms or blood pressure problems

• Routine administration of specific types of IV fluids for replacement of blood or other fluids without appropriate indications.

Reference http://ldi.upenn.edu/about/news/2014/06/23/new-study-id-s-5-top-low-value-surgery-practices


Definition A procedure that costs substantially less in one country than another

Synonym Low cost surgery 

Reference  http://www.tiszaivandor.com/general-liposuction-value/


Definition A procedure which provides very little benefit in terms of improved quality of life or longevity–e.g., resection of multiple peritoneal mesotheliomas  

Reference http://www.surgicaloncology.com/psmreslt.htm 

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