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Definition The name of a condition affecting the author who (first) described it and/or died from it, and the condition was later named in his honour


Carrion’s disease Daniel A Carrion, a medical student who inoculated himself with a skin lesion from verruga peruana–Bartonella bacilliformis to prove that the agent was both infectious and the agent of Oroya fever that killed 7000 of those who built the railroad from Lima to La Oroya; he died within 23 days

Huntington’s disease George Huntington, his dad, and his dad’s dad studied their own disease, which they traced back to an index case in 1649 in Bures, England

Jones fracture A diaphyseal fracture of the fifth metatarsal, which Jones incurred ‘…whilst dancing’; he considered it a stress fracture

Lewis syndrome Autosomal dominant synostosis of the first metacarpo-phalangeal joint of the thumb–stiff thumb ‘syndrome,’ described by Lewis Prausnitz

Küstner (passive transfer) test A clinical assay that measures allergic response to foreign proteins that was identified by Küstner who was allergic to fish, injected his serum into Prausnitz’s skin which, when followed by a ‘challenge’ fish extract injection into Prausnitz’s skin, causing a typical wheal and flare reaction

Rickettsia species Named for Howard Ricketts, who in 1906 identified the organism responsible for Rocky Mountain spotted fever-Rickettsia rickettsii; he died in 1910 in Mexico City while investigating typhus–Rickettsia prowazekii

Thomsen’s disease A benign autosomal dominant myopathy, described by Julius Thomsen–who had it, which appears in childhood, is characterised by tonic rigidity and spasticity, and overcome by repeated voluntary contraction of the muscles to decrease the clinical and muscular ‘stiffness’-the ‘warm-up’ effect 

Trousseau sign Superficial petechial haemorrhage and thrombophlebitis, secondary to visceral malignancy, described by Trousseau before his own death from gastric cancer

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