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August changeover 

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August changeover


The day, usually the 1st day of August, in UK hospitals on which a wave of inexperienced new medical school graduates hit the wards for the first time.

The August changeover generally occurs on a Wednesday (known in some circles as Black Wednesday) is traditionally regarded as the worst day of the year to get sick enough to require hospital admission. The period itself has been called the killing season, and is defined elsewhere in this work. A pilot study from the Imperial College of London showed an 8% increase in mortality during the August changeover. It is identical to the Americans’ July phenomenon, which had been regarded as a myth (don’t forget, Americans will sue at the drop of a hat), but probably isn’t… 

Factors in the changeover New doctors have incomplete support from staff, peers, and superiors; little knowledge of patients, teamwork, hospital functions, and medicine in general.


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