Mad Hatter syndrome

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Mad Hatter syndrome

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Mad Hatter


A descriptive term for the neuropsychiatric component of chronic mercuric nitrate poisoning, which is similar to prolonged exposure to mercury vapour, erethism. 

Clinical findings Mental changes–e.g., anxiety, depression, eccentricity, reclusiveness, emotional instability, irritability, as well as circumoral, glossal and limb tremors, gingivitis, arthralgias, headaches, extrapyramidal signs

Note: It is generally assumed that the Mad Hatter described by Lewis Carroll in Through the Looking Glass–Popularly, Alice in Wonderland, was a victim of mercury poisoning Br Med J 1984; 288:324; a major labour-related mercury intoxication occurred in a felt hat factory during World War II in Italy; of 100 affected, 30 had permanent neurologic sequelae Med Lav 1949; 40:65 

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